STage, Performance

and costume


back drops,

and Stage Design

Custom murals for back drops or designed and built with kickstands for a stand-alone option.

Stage Decor for any performance, big or small.  We make rolling props or stationary pieces to enhance the whole vision. 



Costumes are unique to each character and concept.  As a team, our costume library is endless.  Some are available for purchase and custom designs are the most ideal option for the next fresh look. 

Contact us for details and inquiries.  We want to ensure you receive the most quality and fun costume pieces for your next event. 


Check out our Installation at minute 6:00!

Specialty Performance

Through our collective we have produced many performances for specialty events.  What is your next idea?  Creativity is infinite.  We recognize that one component is uplifted by the others.  Story line, music, character development, intention, message.  We take it all into account and create performances that will be remembered for a long time to come.