Illuminated Archways

5 beautifully illuminated archways to create the

Portal Entry and can be used in a variety of configurations.

This style was perfect for our space theme event. It gives an impression of a futuristic stained glass while dazzling your environment with versatile lighting settings.

Please contact us for more details.

Installation created and designed by 

Athena Medina

 Amber Cara Hickman


INstallation Art

Event production

and rentals

Check out our Installation at minute 6:00!

Inflatable dome

This inflatable dome is available as part of our event rental package. Contact us for details. 

Inside Height - 17 ft

Width - 30 ft

This open walled, partial dome is great for those special occasions, ceremonies and gatherings as well as big events (when we can have them again). 

Easy and quick set up. 

Weather conditions apply. 

Contact us for detailis. 

051120 286.PNG

A Stainless steel gazing ball mobile with fiber optic lights surrounding the black hole center as the top, and a cluster of stationary orbs below. 

Installation by

Athena Medina

and Amber Cara Hickman

Unknown Wonder


heat vent

A tribute to one of the primary sources to the beginning of life,  the Hydrothermic Heat Vent.

In life, submerged deep under water, here we have brought it to the surface with transparent creatures displayed floating above the illuminated vent below..

This installation was made with primarily recycled materials such as plastic water bottles and cellophane.  As a team we strive to uphold quality art while reducing our overall impact on the environment.  

Cosmic explorers

The Cosmic Explorers are 3 Life Size Transparent Astronauts Orbiting an Illuminated cellophane Supernova.

This Installation was created with primarily recycled materials, assembled to illuminate the magic of exploring our potential. 

Designed and Developed by 

Athena Medina

 Amber Cara Hickman



"Tika" Kartikasari Klaresta

Produced in collaboration with Cindy Lee, and Anna Hanson and is currently available.


Seahorse lantern

6 Aquatic Steeds supporting the illuminated lantern which beautifully displays the hand painted coral panels.

This installation is a great addition as an illuminating peaceful component paying respect to the only vertical swimming creature in the ocean.  Illumination changes to soothe your senses. 

Sea Horse Lantern
Seahorse Lantern
Seahorse Lantern
J. Anthony Martinez Photography Maui Art


Utilizing recycled materials where possible, we continuously strive to push the boundaries of what we thought was possible.  

We are inspired by the potentials for unique and creative artistic enhancements. 

 Custom sculptures available. 


Contact us for details


Totems and


Most often we work on custom creations based on themes.  This particular Totem series was the guardians of the Forests, the spirits of the Woods.  Each Totem represented a Forest system in the world, and below each Mask at the top, there are 3 different animal guardians.  This was a collective project.  It created a great opportunity for our community to come together and get creative.  What is your Theme or idea?