Maui Art Life LLC was founded by collective efforts within our Maui community of multiple skilled artisans that collaborate in mixed materials, and multimedia visual arts.   We strive to create environmental art that is experienced through all of your senses.  

Our shop contains many small costume accessories, wall art, and occasional custom pieces.

Amber Cara Hickman​

Owner / Producer / Designer


Athena Medina

Executive Producer / Immersive Experience Designer

"Tika" Kartikasari Klaresta


Mixed Media Artist and Collaborative Partner

Specializing in Performance 

Partners:  We wouldn't be where we are now if we didn't have partners and a great tribe.  We are lifted by the support of a fiercely creative community and together we fly!

Trevor Arnholt

Executive Spectrum Conductor

Fuzz Box Productions

located Lahaina Maui,

Erin Brothers

Community Outreach, Public Engagement Consultant


Amy Erickson

located Oahu Hawaii

Aerial / Performance Artist / Dragon Sister


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Event Production:   

We take pride in our creative culture and work ethic to be thorough from design and development through to production  execution and break down.  Our team will be there the whole way through.  Offering 

  • Indoor and Outdoor Installations,

  • Lighting and Sound

  • Immersive Experience Design

  • Stage Set and Props

  • Specialty Performance, Art and Costumes.

  • Garden Art and Live Sculptures

  • Home Decor and Wall Art

  • Functional Upcycled and Repurposed Art

  • Rentals:  As we continue to build our inventory, Maui Art Life is  now able to offer art rentals.  Anything from a home decor and wall art, to DJ Booths, Photo Booths, and Pop-Up Installations.  We have Illuminated Temples and inflatable domes.  The list is continuously growing.  Contact us for details. 

Within our design process we consider many variables. 

Design and development

  • Structural Integrity: Doing on-site evaluations allow us to create a plan for proper and safe installation. We apply standard building practices for safety and quality. 

  • Technology: Utilizing CAD software for best design practices.  Additional considerations include a variety of options to accomplish our goals such as lighting, visual effects and sound features.  

  • Interactivity and Functionality: Client collaboration.  With our evaluation process and client inputs, we inquire to what functions we are serving and how we can make each step smooth and intentional.


  • Multi-sensory:  Adding texture for touch and feel or smell perhaps? The potential to take each environment from visual experience to multi-sensory and immersive experience.  


  • Carbon Footprint: Can we do better?  Being resourceful is important, and being sustainable and earth conscious is crucial for all of us.  We continuously create opportunities to repurpose and upcycle materials where it makes sense.   

  • Partners:  One of our fundamental principles is inclusivity and the belief that there is enough for everyone.  With this in mind we have a beautiful network of creators that enhance our offerings to include photographers, gear rental, and other specialty offerings such as strolling characters and DJ's.